Wishing Star Super Blend

Wish on, and align with, the Stars, receive guidance from your Soul, find wisdom, and nourish your wish with continuous support through active magickal embodiment and the energetic transmission of light language… Includes two short-form, on-point freeform readings that , and one astro talk.

The Experience You Receive

• Freeform Oracular/Tarot/Rune Reading about your wish and this area of your life.

• Transits + Energy Talk-Through for the specific time period leading up/pertaining to your wish.

• Embodiment Practice designed for you to tune to that which you truly desire to be in tune with, purely focused on your wish and its effects. Light-tech based on etheric-astral and primordial energies + posture + recommended sounds.

• Wishing Star Light Language Medicine Transmission – tell me your wish! Or send me a sigil that embodies it. This unique transmission will tune you to align with the timeline of your wish. 
Since you already know your wish, I’ll leave the lines open for you to fine-tune crafting the statement of intention for your wish, after the readings, before channeling and recording.

• One extra 5-13m Freeform Reading WHENEVER your major initiatory moments lead you to seek guidance again, and a boost of support. It comes in its own time, as you manifest and actualize, challenges arise. Whenever that is, let me know and I’ll bring the guidance through. We will remind you how awesome you are.

• Channeled messages via text/Etsy/email, as your guides send them through at no extra fee…

This blended insight gets you deeper; super-charged with continuous support.

 Wish On A Star 

Receive from We

First, I’ll spend ~20m with the guides, decks, runes and divination tools to focus on the most vital and meaningful messages coming through from your guides in a video reading. Their messages will contain deeply layered meaning for you to unpack over time. The greatest emphasis is always on the present moment in relation to any time space and intention we explore – and the timeless guides interct with every present moment you replay the video, in cascade thereafter.

(Intended for replays as you develop with your wish). 

I’ll record this “alone” and send it to you before our call, with time to digest it. 

Live Together You + Me

Then, we’ll spend 15-30 minutes walking and talking through the transits and placements in the key charts relevant to your wish. I may pull a card or two along this way. We’ll focus on diving deep into the energy and events of this area of your life. Of course, feel free to ask questions! 

You’ll receive a video of our talk soon after.

★ If I haven’t done your Natal Chart yet, add ~30 minutes, and I’ll blend it into your forecast. We can split this into two calls, take a break between – mark out 2.5hrs in our schedules to pause for an hour, or we can do this separately.

Receive More

Your 3-9m Light Language Medicine Transmission will be delivered as its an audio file, for easy re-listening. 

Channeling Involved

I will, of course, be channeling the planets and stars. I’m usually surrounded by “Hathors”, and communicate with a very wide range of powerful goddesses, guides, guardians, gods, Gaia, dragons, angels, fae, and more. See my work for who’s prominent now, and I will always bring Your Guides through, especially those focused on actualizing your wish!

My channeling of the planets tends to blend Earth cultures, and many (not all) names can be interchanged to represent the “Moon collective” or “Pluto collective” for example… 


You will receive videos of 35-75ish minutes (Astro + Freeform), and a 3-9m Light Language audio – schedule your time via email, delivered the day after our call.

★ If I haven’t done your Natal Chart yet, add ~30 minutes, and I’ll blend it into your forecast. (Get this Natal Talk-Through included at 40% off).

Limitless Love, Eternal Wonder, Unending Empowerment,
+ May Your Wish Come True!

 Wish On A Star