Herbal journeying is perhaps the very oldest medicine, for body and soul, and completely inseparable from the spiritual-psychological experience. Each are integral to and a part of each other. Connecting with, journeying to and retrieving energy from other realms is a practice maintained by people all over the world – with the sacred intent of healing. It can be fun, fantastic, astonishing, and it can provide wholeness, remedy and purpose. Herbal journeying is simultaneously playful and ceremonious, reverent and irreverent.

These Satchels offer you cues. The universal experience of dreaming is your own unique adventure. The dosage and combination of each tea, stick and dropper will enhance your own natural gifts and extend your own internal range of experience. Not one of these sacred plant allies will show you demons, but you will get a chance to integrate your own inner darkness (we all have it), and only when you’re ready for it. Until then, The Satchels offer you a radically modular adventure into mystery. Have fun with it!

All Satchels are hand-bundled after I meditate and tune myself. Every herbal recipe is organic and carefully prepared. Each tea, stick, infusion, mask-pillow, altar cloth art and candle is handmade and ceremonially prepared with invocations (you can read about all the invoked energies here at The Sandbox). Each type of tea and tool is charged under the Sun or Full Moon, per the energies invoked. Although, the containers (teabags, candle tins, dropper bottles, etc) are bought en masse. Every crystal is cleansed and charged by Nature!

I honestly still don’t know what the master plan is here. I’ve found sound notions of why this work is helpful and divine; and which of the skills that I’ve developed throughout my life make me prepared to do so. Yet, I may never have the full picture. I let my heart, spirit and soul guide me – my integrated self most of all. The creation of The Satchels teaches me every single day; about how I can grow more by directing my mind and will from my heart, never forsaking the needs and powers of each, so that all three can thrive and do their best. I hope you will do the same. 

I do know I am called to it, and that those guides who help me are benevolent. I commune with various non-living or non-human people, have glimpsed more than once the magic of a butterfly dancing with me for over an hour, and the felt the gratefulness when my prayers for rain are answered. I am Journeyer on this road like you – enjoying the eternal mystery and the excitement it brings when I experience the journey and the dreaming. I hope these Satchels will be a useful benefit on your journey, and serve the purpose of expanding and brightening your experiences.

Pick Your Pace covers The Dreamtime Satchel, which is the same as Single Satchels #1-3. However, you can also apply your pace to any three Single Satchels in a row! Or, ignore my entheogenic ramblings and recommendations, and use the tools for your own self-designed experience!

The Dreamtime Satchel


“Smudge stick” is a short, sticker-size term for wrapped herbal cleansing incense, which can also be safely inhaled if you so desire. It is both an ingestible and a cleansing tool. It will contain common, sustainably harvested dreaming herbs like mugwort, mullein and others. Many types of smoke can cleanse a space for dreaming, a practice which is widely used across the globe.

Single Satchel #4 (see below) is a refill of the most potent items from this set. (For exploring the options you haven’t yet.)

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Single Satchels

I strongly suggest that you experience #1-3 in order, because the herbal recipes have been designed to build upon one another, both biologically and psychologically. 


Crystal Choices with #4, #5 & #7 are listed here.

Single Satchels #5 and up (expansions) are in lightly suggested order. Do whichever you feel called to! These expansion Satchels will each have their own page on this site – where I’ll introduce any new allies, link to the recommended practices, and offer specifically relevant knowledge. 

These will only be available after The Dreamtime Satchel & Single Satchels #1-4 have been out for several months. 

As always, you can do whichever activities and rituals you feel like in that moment! Those which are specifically written for a specific expansion Satchel will say so (so you can save it for that satchel if you so desire).

For a text-list breakdown of the tools in The Satchels, check out the Self-Guidance System.