Get galactic and go extra-dimensional with a fusion of readings designed to reveal the galactic codes that are closest to you now, and expand your experience with near-infinite stellar lineages. We then offer you paths of connecting and relationship, which are most aligned with your highest good (highest love, true soul desires, deepest wishes, heart’s passions, and highest purpose and potential) in this life. Let’s tune you to your beautiful inner cosmos and clarify your connections to otherworldly extradimensionals, extraterrestrials, inner earth beings (ancient interdimensionals of earth), and all the rest, through your inner portals. $444

The Experiences You Receive

• Channeled Cosmic Life View Oracle Reading honing in on the cosmic energies most potently available to you, and of greatest service to this good in your current life as a whole. We begin with unstructured connection. (60m Video Reading)

OPTION A: Starseed Natal+ Talk-Through Call + Channeling – Once you’ve had a few days (or weeks) to digest the previous reading: We’ll explore your natal chart next. We’ll check for all the Starseed markings according to several data sources (both tropical and sidereal lists and books will be used to run your chart for recorded starseed markers), and then we’ll channel the archetypal energies coming through – as most stellar beings and spaces haven’t yet been commonly listed on this earth, we hone in more closely through channeling. We’ll spend a little time reflecting with you – workshopping your own intuition on galactic matters, and discussing your reflections. Awakening date/s and other important life events will be similarly vibed out, focusing on your Cosmic Identities. (60-90m Phone Call)
OPTION B: Get the channeled guidance without the astro. We’ll channel this information about your starseed energies purely through oracular means – and focus on honing in by coaching your intuition. We’ll deeply support you, as you open up to feeling this through and identifying kinship within you – we’ll talk through your reflections on the whole starseed experience along the way, and ensure you have tools to use going forward. (60-90m Phone Call)

• Embodiment Practices are introduced next, designed for you to tune to those beings whom you truly desire to be in tune with over the next few months, ground the energies, and best affirm your own life – whatever the current vibes call for, in your highest good. Light-tech based on etheric-astral and primordial energies + posture + recommended sounds. No experience required, each practice will meet you where you’re at. If you’re new to movement stuff, I’ll give you two – one just for you, and another one for connecting with the galactic beings. After this workshop, do this for a few weeks, at least, before our next experience together… (30m Video Call)

• Present Moment Freeform Oracular/Divination Reading focusing on rediscovering your present with the support of these Stellar, Galactic and Interplanetary beings coming through – fine tuning your perspective about your soul’s place in the big milky sea, and grounding that back into your present life. (30m Video Reading)

• Follow-up Reading focusing on wherever life is taking you in that now. It could be abour the cosmic beings, or a moment in your personal stellar history or earth lives or about this life. It could be a major change in your life as a result of your extradimensional awakening. Anything – wherever the journey takes you. Choose from any of my offerings, or a freeform. (30m)

• Light Language Medicine for your intention going forward. This can be focused on connecting to cosmic beings. I encourage you to take a night/dream-time or longer deciding on your intention, after all the other readings. However, you can request it as soon as you’ve begun your embodiment practice.

• Channeled messages via email, as your guides send them through at no extra fee…

This blended insight gets you much deeper; empowered with continuous support and more.


You will receive either one Starseed Natal+ Talk-Through + Channeled Workshop Call (audio recording included) – schedule via email.

Or, option B, one channeled workshop honing in on your own systems of intuition and connection, with the support of the guides’ information. (No Astro) ~90m

Everyone also receives 3 video readings of 120-ish minutes total delivered according to our combined schedules, usually within two months.
One 30m video call for perfecting your embodiment, practice and more.
One 3-9m Light Language Medicine audio file.

Infinite Love + Unconditional Empowerment to You!

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