Welcome! The Satchels are a tool kit. Your dreaming space, your consciousness, and in part this Sandbox, are the testing grounds, the playground, for you to get to know yourself, your Self, and the Universe a bit more. To expand your identity and explore existence. To delve into the subconscious and find new heights…

This guidance system is meant to assist you in piloting your journey. It will offer you at least 3 options every step of the way. Everything is modular, so you can fill a given slot with your own practices or skip it completely! 

Check out Pick Your Pace, which offers you three speeds for going through all the rituals, knowledge, herbal mixes, crystals and tools. 

Where to next?

The following will be available in future:

  • Earth Dreams SGS for Satchel #5 
  • Starry Skies SGS for Satchel #6
  • Many Dreamings SGS for Satchel #7

Tools In The Satchels

Inside every Satchel you’ll find 1 (Singles) or 3 (The Dreamtime Satchel) of each of the following:

  • Cleanse Tea
  • Morning Tea
  • “Smudge” Stick*
  • Ritual Candle
  • Crystal Companion

*”Smudge stick” is a short, sticker-size term for wrapped herbal cleansing incense, which can also be safely inhaled if you so desire. It is both an ingestible and a cleansing tool. It will contain common, sustainably harvested dreaming herbs like mugwort, mullein and others. Many types of smoke can cleanse a space for dreaming, a practice which is widely used across the globe.

More tools, each included in different Single Satchels and bundled altogether in The Dreamtime Satchel:

  • Dreamtime Oil Infusion
  • Dream Mask-Pillow
  • Altar Cloth

Tools included in expansion Single Satchels:

  • Gaia Mask-Pillow
  • Divining Dice
  • Tiny Tarot

The Special Teas 

(See the images below showing which teas come with which satchels.)

  • Dreamtime Tea
  • Dream Deep Tea
  • Earth Dreams Tea
  • Starry Skies Tea
  • Many Dreamings Tea