Exquisitely inspired by, and in celebration of, the pilgrimage I’m about to undertake with a divinely inspired group of kindred souls, I offer this one-time, one-of-a-kind offering to the first two people who sign up…

Only available until September 19th.

A Limited-Time Offering…
A Limitless Experience…

You will receive…

Week 1:
  • 1 Private Dragon Energy Transmission – Communing with the Dragons as I record in Avalon/Scotland, we’ll focus specifically on you, to create a video energy transmission with guided meditation.
    (Tuning you to Avalon).
  • 1 30m Private Cosmic Channeling Audio Experience – Also recorded in Avalon, I’ll channel the planets, stars, and their beings, who come through with messages just for you.
    (Aligning through Avalon).
Week 2:
  • 1 Dragon-Kin Light Language Activation – Designed to connect you with your personal dragon! Also recorded in Avalon. You’ll strengthen and weave your threads to this being, who has, and always will be, with you.
    (Getting closer with your personal dragon).
  • 1st 30m Freeform Reading – The first reading will focus on your “core intention” – if you have none, we’ll focus on your relationship to the Dragon and Avalon energies, and to whomever came through most powerfully in your Cosmic Channeling. Our intention will be your soul growth and benefit.
    (Enhancing expansion with insightful divine guidance).
Week 3:
  • 1 Personal Avalonian Gaia Transmission – Immersed in Avalon’s energies, this energy transmission video will focus entirely on Gaia/Mother Earth’s messages, activations and codes for you at this time. She may choose to work with the Shining Ones, or the Dragons, or others. This will fine-tune your thread to her.
    (Grounding to Gaia).
  • 2nd 30m Freeform Reading – The second reading will focus on integrating and expanding all the work we’ve done together through the offerings listed above. Shifting you into the third, reflective quarter of this journey.
    (Weaving the parts of your journey).
Week 4:
  • 1 Personal Light Language Activation – I’ll record a light language transmission designed and called-in to activate your energy as to raise and deepen your consciousness to the next level of your personal journey – wherever that may lead you. We’ll know (“somehow”), and we’ll know exactly where on Earth to record it! (Probably Avalon, but we’ll see.)
    (Continuous support for you).
  • 1 60m Channeled Workshop/Reading Call/Video – We’ll fine-tune this experience once we’ve taken you through your journey. You may be called to enhance a certain gift, thus the workshop. Or, we may be called to offer a third freeform reading, or both in a blended video call. No limits on what we can work on. This fourth quarter is about rounding out this experience in a way that focuses back in on the core and whole of you – yielding fruits for your present now-moment.

    Please note, all four energy transmissions (including two light language and the dragon and Gaia videos), are meant to be re-watched and continuously used beyond our month together.

* We can also pace this over two months, every two weeks, if you prefer.

One-Time Deal: $333
($444 Value)