One reading, or Intentional Packages?

One Reading

 Freeform  Formed  

Freeform readings include almost everything and anything I offer – choose how long your reading will be.

Whereas Formed readings are spreads/methods meant for particular tools like rune casting, the arcana mandala, and certain card decks.

Intentional Packages

 Intentional Blends 

Intentional Blends fine-tune a series of readings for particular intentions, quests and time markers. Blends are built with freeforms, with deep continuous support and highly specific focus, often in fusion with beyond experiences where that focus calls for it. We provide connection and scaffolding for a path you’re already on. Some include private workshops.

 Soul Growth Series 

The Soul Growth Series are each a highly flexible series of freeform readings, which you commit to by time cycles and quantity, from two months up to a full year. We can begin with an optional natal reading. We really focus on freeform guidance as it transforms your life and your relationship to it; as your focus and quest develops. If you want to weave in my other offerings, they can be added on along the way.

+ the Customization Station!

For decks, runes and tools
available and request-able,
and other fun add-ons.

More to See

Looking for Western Sidereal Astrology Readings + Astral Poems? I consider them “Beyond Experiences”.

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