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About Practices


Activities are meant to focus your energy and intentions on dream-like states, holding awake-time space to move into your desired vibration, so you can further empower yourself to manifest and experience what your soul wants, from all seats of power within you.

Activities can bring the conscious day-self – the aspect which is usually asked to take the backseat in ritual – the time-relative story-mind, into the vibration of the fluid dreaming self – the one who is the underlying motivator and architect of all spiritual experience.

There is no good reason to compartmentalize your active, daytime story-mind (or “linear mind”) from these experiences. Activities serve to harness this aspect of you, to include it in a productive way. It has its own purposes, which your aspects will decide for your Self.

At certain moments on your dreaming journey, you may be looking for something to occupy your mind, to do or receive, while you drink the teas, prepare for sleep and get yourself in the mood. You may want to center your mind and make your experience more actively engaging, before you define and call upon the dreaming experience you want to have.

This is your journey – the sequence or inclusion of any activity is your choice!

  • I recommend doing Activities after Opening and before the Dreaming Ritual – so that the sacred friends you call upon are with you during your Activities, which are done within the sacred space you opened.
  • Another way is to do Activities before Opening. I do strongly recommend the Dreaming Ritual be the last thing you do before bed, so everything else is best done before that. This ensures the power of your ritual is right ‘behind’ you when you enter your dreams.

The first activity is A – Awareness. Wherever you are on your journey, deeper awareness is a sound idea… If you feel you wish to focus on something more specific, feel free to jump ahead to any of the next activities! The order is lightly suggested. Personalization, doing what feels right to you, will make it the most effective.

Current Activities

A – Awareness

M – Tune to the Sirian Temple of Ma’at


Reflections are an integral part of any alchemical process, especially dream journeying. Bringing awareness to our experiences makes them more potent, digestible and growth propelling.

Reflections are prompts for thought, writing, drawing, any kind of expression. Some will be ideal for a certain medium. For all reflections, any medium will be perfect. The idea is to get you ruminating, musing, molding and reflecting upon the experience and then reflecting your state of being out into your reality.

Reflections should be chosen after the dream, according to what you saw, felt and heard. However, choosing beforehand and the according activity will usually direct your experience. However, sometimes, your night self ignores such things completely, anyhow…

Current Reflections

Dreaming Guidance

Lucid Dreaming

Reflecting & Self-Interpretation