Right now I know there is a granny in Germany who makes a wild henbane leaf oil for her arthritis and sells it to her townsfolk just as there is a herbalist at a market in Mexico at this moment selling peyote and datura salves for pain made with pig’s lard. Perhaps the line between medicine and magic used to be more blurred and perhaps the psychoactive effects were once thought to be part of what made the medicine work.” (Herbalist Sarah Anne Larson).

Paracelsus is frequently quoted with the old adage “The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” He also wrote, “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” 

Pace Yourself

This varying-paced trip from 0 to ∞ is a sacred journey of splendid sights. Infused with the spirit of easy-going adventure, every duality is met and fused to reach the next level. We eventually come to realize, in oneness and duality, we are all really dual and one at any given moment. 

This is partially achieved through dosage, but also because the plants in The Satchels have been carefully chosen to access a specific constellation of experiences and have particular neurological activity. 

Because of their specific traits and active compounds, we can all ingest enough to experience transcendent dreams without harmful side effects. We can slowly meet with our own shadows and subconscious at a gentle pace, in our own time.

For those with extensive experience and a high tolerance, it is in the combination of these herbs that new experiences can be gleaned.

These herbs provide that comfort and insight, make you more comfortable with new experience, and make it so you only experience what you’re comfortable with, while none limit new experiences. For example, every single protective herb is also associated with prophecy, dreaming, intution and/or inspiration. This way, these herbs all support deep journeying, none block it or present illusions, and we can still experience a very light sprinkle of euphoria to ease our entry into the depths of our dreaming realities.

This majestic, sacred journey is profound and ridiculous. Solemn and exciting…

If you haven’t read the break-down of the Self-Guidance System yet, I recommend you start there.