Places to Order + Info

You can order through PayPal below, or order on Etsy, or email me to work out another method.

Total price ranges from $13 – $128.

I have a Referral Program: Send me three new querents, I’ll give you a free Meta Reading. Have your referallees mention you in Notes, email, wherever

If you haven’t looked through the layouts, check out the Readings page.

Free First Talk

Not sure which reading you want or what you’re looking for? I can spare 20 minutes or so helping you hone in on what you need and want, whether it’s something I can offer you or not.

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Order Here via PayPal

0. For FreeForm Phone Readings, click this button to order, schedule through Acuity + it links to PayPal, and you’re done! For other layouts, scroll down.

Schedule + Order FreeForm

Step 1. Choose the Reading Layout Level. These buttons add to your PayPal cart. Come back here to Step 2 for add-ons before checking out.

#1 Quick + Deep Insight Layouts ~ $13

Choose the layout level here. In Step 3, you can let me know your deck/tool choice.


#2 Guidance Readings ~ $18

Choose your layout. In Step 3, you can let me know your deck/tool choice.


#3 Meta Spirit Readings ~ $42

Choose your layout here. Or, click “Any Meta Spread” to let the guides choose! In Step 3, you can let me know your chosen deck/tool.


#4 Sacred Path Cards ~ $17

Choose your layout here. Or, click “Any Spread” to let the guides choose!


#5 Intense Tarot ~ $100


#6 Ancient Rune Casting

Click on the tile for the number of runes you want me to cast for you. Starting at $12 for a 3-Rune Cast, and $4 per each additional rune. If your desired number isn’t shown below, email me for a custom order.

2. Choose your Add-On/s!The phone call (+$19) isn’t available with #5 – instead, you can add the Review Session, which is available with any reading (+$19).

All other add-ons are +$3 and available with any reading!

3. When you get to your PayPal shopping cart, please enter your Deck choice or Runes in the Notes section.

• For #1, #,2 + #3, let me know your Deck or Runes choice. Or, you can tell me to ask the guides which divination tools to use, by entering it into Notes!

• For #5 and for The #3 Mini Mandala, let me know your chosen Tarot Deck. Or, you can tell me to ask the guides which deck to use, by entering it into Notes!

• If you chose layout level #4 or #6, skip this step.

Or, for Phone Readings at any level, you can wait and pick when we’re talking together if you wish.

4 . If you have a Focus, enter that too. Let me know if you have an area of your life, a question, or spirit guide/being you would like to focus on. Enter this Focus in the Notes section before checking out at any shop.

By default, I will do a general reading for the current cycle in your life, which is usually about a month (2-8 weeks depending on your SpiritLife-Web Processing Speed at this current time). This involves the energies coming in from the most recent cycle and leads to your next cycle.

**(Please note, your SpiritLifeWeb Processing Speed is not only a function of how you digest life, it is more so a function of the LifeWeb ensuring proper timing and synchronicity for all involved!) 

5 . If you added on a Phone Call or Review Session, you can schedule our call here.

Schedule Phone Call

Schedule Review Session

Delivery Details

All Reading Layouts are available as beautiful keepsake PDFs, with hi-def photos, which I will email to you. This is automatically included when you order any layout level.

See the demo at the Examples page, if you haven’t already.)

For Live Phone Readings

Once I’ve cleansed and prepared the tools and space, I’ll call you (at our scheduled time). 

For phone readings combined with another delivery method, I’ll prepare your packet right after our call. The packet will be mailed or emailed to you within 1 day after the reading call.