Currently, The Dreamtime Satchel and Single Satchels #1-3 are available for pre-order. Until they’re ready, you can pre-order through PayPal. Purchase protection is automatically included.

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Once they’re ready, they’ll also be available through Etsy and other shops. The Satchels should be ready this Summer or Fall!

Because of the nature of this work, I can’t guarantee an exact date.

All Satchels are hand-bundled after I meditate and tune myself. Every herbal recipe is organic and carefully prepared. Each tea, stick, infusion, mask-pillow, altar cloth art and candle is handmade and ceremonially prepared with invocations (you can read about all the invoked energies here at The Sandbox). Although, the containers (teabags, candle tins, dropper bottles, etc) are bought en masse. Every crystal is cleansed and charged by Nature!

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The Dreamtime Satchel




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You can also explore Single Satchels with recurring delivery!

Limited offer for production-time supporters:

Right now, The Sandbox is still in production.  I have a couple more months of integral writing to do. When The Sandbox is ready, I’ll do a final ceremonial bundling of each Satchel and activate their listings. If you enter the continuum before the Satchels are made available, I’ll back-tally your Satchels and make it sweeter. So, if you start your continuum now, you’ll get Single Satchel #1 in 2 months (or #1 & #2 if 4 months pass), as soon as it comes out, and you’ll be the very first group to get them. For supporting me during production, you’ll also get two bonus crystals of your choice with each Satchel in your first delivery!

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Single Satchel Continuum


Here’s what you get:

Every 2 months, you’ll get the next satchel on your personal journey. (Six Satchels per year).

Plus, one Bonus Crystal with each satchel!

• An email 2 weeks in advance asking for your bonus crystal choices. And if it’s for #4/5/7/etc,  your built-in crystal choice as well! 

• 13% off everything from TSG, through any site, for as long as you’re in The Continuum!

(Check out the list of Bonus Crystals, because it’s different from the Satchel Crystals.)



Satchel Buddy Continuum


In this continuum, you can explore Single Satchels with me as your buddy! Because it can help to have someone along for the ride.

Here’s what you get:

Everything in the Single Satchel Continuum

A 60m phone or video call discussing your integration of your Satchel experiences. This can happen any time – 1 day after you finish a journey or right before your next one. (Every 2 months).

• Plus, another tiny bonus crystal that relates to the dynamics and aspects in your life we discuss, according to crystal wisdom. (A crystal prescription, so to speak. If none I have are appropriate, I’ll get it.)

(Check out the list of Bonus Crystals, because it’s different from the Satchel Crystals.)




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