An Opening Ritual happens before any other ritual or activity. Think of it like the opening band, and the Dreaming or Main Ritual as the headliner, which follows with a mirror-image Closing Ritual. (Replace Dreaming with whatever your purpose is, and modify to your heart’s desire.) Ritual words and gestures serve to set the mood, open your space and open you up. Feel free to modify at will, with whatever feels opening to you! There are many ways to do it. I find these three are a good introduction.  

As you read them, every comma is an invitation to pause and breathe,  into the experience…. 

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Choosing An Opening Ritual

There are three opening rituals described below. Choose one, or combine them into one, or use your own. You’ll use your chosen Opening Ritual to open your sacred space.

You could try each out. I suggest trying the Closing Rituals right after you try these, so you close every time you open your space, even when practicing. (Try alternating, or a new one each day). The Closing Rituals match these, so if you choose One Way, you’ll close with One Way too.

Closing is just doing the whole thing backwards by thanking and releasing any entity or energy you invoked!

You may have your own ways of opening space or circles already, in which case that’s wonderful! Do whatever feels comfortable.

One Way

As you say the following words, imagine a bright  crystalline light from the core of the planet, rising up through you, and radiating brighter with every inch.

I invoke my sacred connection to the crystalline core of Mother Earth, Gaia and her sacred trees, plants, animals, and beings. May her incandescent light blood of alchemy flow through me. Through my roots, and my belly, glowing and shimmering in my heart, and above, and beyond.

Imagine a bright light from the infinite, Original Source, from all around you, from right above you, from galaxies beyond, pouring down, into the top of your head, waterfalling through you, into Earth.

I invoke my sacred connection to the Source of All Sparks of Life. May the eternal everlight, and eternal evervoid, shine through the infinite, through the sun, and the sky, into my crown, through the mind of my soul, as it is in my every action and word, shining infinite light, centering itself back into my heart.

As you speak these words, these lights, and all energies You ask for, shall mix and marbalize, flowing through you…

I ground this Source, and feed all my energy to Mother Earth, Gaia, as she transmutes all energy back into pure iridescent light, as she returns it to me, expanding and nourishing me.

In turn, I share their love, our love, from my heart to the Expansive Universe. It swirls into the Web of Life, rolling and rippling, outward in all directions, around every corner, around the whole World, and back to me again.

We flow through Each Other, through All Existence, and through me, as my light expands to fill my own space, this room, and as far as I can see. With this love, and knowing, beheld by their multidimensional and eternal power of nature, I enter my dreaming tonight…

Another Way

* This can also be done North-East-South-West, closing with West-South-East-North, depending on purpose and lineage.

Face the East, with an open posture that centers you, and announce the following:

I call the sacred guides and powers of the East. Land of light, of thinking, flight, healing and magic. The land of the Spring folk. The animals, plants, stones and beings of my Eastern face, to guide me.

Face the South (if in Southern Hemi, North next), and say:

I call the sacred guides and powers of the South. Land of inuition, will, transformation, creation, protection and prophecy. The land of the Summer folk. The animals, plants, stones and beings of my Southern face, to guide me.

Face the West, and:

I call the sacred guides and powers of the West. Land of feeling, dynamics, flow, movement, wishes, heart and sacred cycles. The land of the Autumn folk. The animals, plants, stones and beings of my Western face, to guide me.

Face the North (if in Southern Hemi, South last):

I call the sacred guides and powers of the North. Land of beingness, of the dreaming, of the dead, and the infinite black womb canvas that beholds existence, enlightens and fills all creation. The land of the Winter folk. The animals, plants, stones and beings of my Northern face, to guide me.

Face the direction you feel called to in this moment and say…

In the center, I call my highest self. My true self, my whole self, to be one with me.

I invite my own Medicine, my guides, my friends and allies, to accompany me on tonight’s journey into dreaming…

A Third Way

Find a relaxing position and breathe gently to yourself.

Breathe in, deeply, feeling for every drop of air, flowing through your nose.

Breathe out, slowly, slowly, slowly. Release every ounce of held energy.


And repeat.

And repeat as you read….

Just imagine for a moment. All around you, at every moment, is the infinite power of a source particle. Energy can never be destroyed, and at your deepest core you are that infinite energy. This particle would be the essential unit of that embedded energy.

It exists parallel, in perfect mirror, simultaneously in all places, as every particle, and in its meta-time experience, it seems to move so fast yet it doesn’t seem to move to or from anywhere at all. It can move at any speed.

Existing anywhere, at any moment, the infinite particle is in everything. It connects you to everything.

You can connect to this energy in the air through your breath, and in the presence of other life through your heart. You can connect to fantastic worlds in your mind, and absorb this energy in a raw form through the sunlight.

This can be imagined as a golden-silver-iridescent-rainbow light of potential. The potential for something to be two things at once, for anything to be everything. The potential of an unopened box, the mystery of what’s inside…

Remember to breathe. Take note of your notions before and during the opening itself.

…As you open the box of your subconscious, your unconscious, your oversoul, in your dreams tonight, remember the infinite power and undeniable interconnectedness of every atom, every world, and every being when considered as a whole. Remember you are a part of, and can tap into, that infinite energy at any moment.

As we constantly expand our consciousness and build our notions of existence, this truth of the Web of Life remains the same.

You are always here, and you are always there…

…continue to breathe and sit in the sounds of only yourself. Let your breath pass through you as you swirl off into wonderous spheres of internal, expansive creation…