Life Path Blend

Dive into your soul desires and reveal new ways to create fulfilling experiences. Explore your opportunities for personal growth, hone in on your career and long-term social energies and unlock your true divine will. A series of four freeform readings with particular focus on your life blueprint, parallel lives, oversoul, and present moment. Including early-on embodiment practices and continuous support. Optional, free light language activation. Intentional Astrology add-on available.

The Experiences You Receive

• Life Blueprint Reading using tarot, oracle cards, and maybe runes, which reveals your parallel lives, eternal energies, pre-chosen choice points and energies in this current life specifically. Start with your self as a jumping off point. (60m)

• Embodiment Practice is called in just after, as an extension of your first reading. Designed for “connecting with your soul desires, highest purpose, heart’s passion and true divine will on your greatest life path”. Feel free to reword that yourself, as it will be further tailored to you per your guidance! Light-tech based on etheric-astral and primordial energies + posture + recommended sounds.

• Parallel Life Reading – asking which is most potent currently, for your life path. You will receive the next once you’ve really felt through the previous reading. (30m)

• Oversoul Reading – looking into the desires and fractals of your oversoul/soul/monad/higher self. Now that you’ve experienced the clarity of parallel lives, we take it a bit more meta. (30m)

• Present Moment Freeform Oracular/Divination Reading focusing on your present in relation to your life path. We bring it back around to your now. (30m) 

• Channeled messages via text/Etsy/email, as your guides send them through at no extra fee…

• Free, Optional: Light Language Medicine that will tune you to your life path, to open you up to embrace and embody it in every moment. I encourage you to take a night/dream-time deciding on your intention, after all the other readings.

• Add On Option: Natal +2 Guidance Charts Talk-Through – these two charts are chosen when I commune with your guidance and look at your natal chart, per your life path. We’ll also browse major transits. (60m)

This blended insight gets you much, much deeper and higher. Super-charged with continuous support and astral options.


You will receive four video readings 150-ish minutes long total delivered in divine timing (soon after our call if you get one).
For the add-on, you will receive one Astral Natal+ Life Path Talk-Through Call (60m audio recording included if you like) – schedule via email.
And, (optional, free) one 3-9m Light Language Medicine audio file delivered altogether soon after, within 1-2 days after you finalize your intention. 

Unconditional Love, Graceful Light, Limitless Empowerment,
+ Infinite Blessings to You!

 Look In On Your Life