The following pages provide both ancient and modern knowledge.


Core Knowledge is an integrative approach, combining both of these categories, including various perspectives and referencing many modalities, regarding dreaming, health and metaphysics.


Ancient Knowledge is a brief overview of several cultures’/lineages’ perspectives and practices of dreaming. Even this long page is barely scratching the surface, but it will give you a taste of where your own callings reside, for your own research into other areas of life and experience.


Modern Knowledge covers several scientific fields and topical data related to sleep, death and dreaming – the core topics for rectifying science and ancient teachings. It also includes a brief section about recent prophecies, given by people in the last half-century, that came true.

A general summary of my bias, as all of us have one, is that some say god/Source/Spirit is a mathematician, some say an artist, and I think it’s both. One can also be methodical with magic, seeking unbiased insight; and one can be inutive and emotional about science. Each is enhanced by this fusion when we are conscious of it. We are limited only by ourselves.

Some say you must choose between believing in one god and believing in many gods.  I believe there is an inherent oneness, that we all come from one Source, imbued with its Force. I also believe in higher level beings who deserve our respect and enabled our creation, as a bridge between us and that Source, closer to it than we are in human form. 

These are all different perspectives of different layers of reality. An integrative approach recognizes that we all have different pieces to the puzzle, know about different parts of existence, and benefit from coming together to see them as one immense tapestry.

This awakening, this time of prophecy and epiphany, is not about organizing ourselves into a cohesive single religion.

This rebirth is about gazing through the myriads of perspectives, expanding our awareness of them as far and wide as possible, and living our lives and dreams, each of us with our own true voice…