An Intentional Blend  is one collection of several offerings packaged together in a particular order. All Blends ask deep questions seeking the highest view. Super Blends are designed for singular desires and singular time periods… Intentional Blends are designed to unearth those desires…

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Click on the one that speaks to your heart. If you’re curious first, browse more about these offerings below.

Please, feel free to request a unique blend all your ownemail me your area, quest, focus, or intention. I’ll design a series of readings based on your interests, alignments and desires. Tell me your focus and what offerings you want in your tailored package.

More About Intentional Blends

Intentional Blends are built with specific focus questions, to flesh out the intentions many querents seek the answers to. I’ve designed them to reveal what you really seek when you ask one of these questions or inquire about this aspect of your life. They all include freeform readings and continuous support. Most include embodiment practices. Optional light language and astrology are also available. Intentional Blends cover deeply self-reflective intentions and highly moving vantage points in your life.

For instance, Life Path discovery is a package of several longer freeform readings, taking you through a process of self-knowledge and empowerment. Guiding Star is a series of freeforms focused on spirit connection building, enhancing your own connection to guidance and fleshing out how you’re applying it, and perceiving your sacred life. Both offer optional and free light language activations. The “Full Spectrum” is the odd one out – combining medium length freeform and astrology for swift informational focus on any aspect in your life.

A Super Blend is a package that focuses on key points of change and time marking, amplified at maximum support by combining embodiment practices, astrology, light language, and continuous support in every fusion – every manner in which I approach supporting you is included. Intentions like Birthday life reviews and year ahead forecasting, and the Starseed/Galactic awakening process.

The Wishing Star Super Reading is the archetype of this group; a high-hopes container, ready for your most deeply wished for intention, whatever it may be.

Browse Intentional Blends

The Guiding Star Blend

Weave and strengthen your spiritual threads. Expand your connection with the realms beyond, as you ground this wisdom into your relationship with life. Work with your guides and guardians more intimately – whoever and whatever they may be, we’ll discover. This approach provides a deeper personal connection with them, which is beneficial now, and at your choice points and moments of trust/initiation going forward. Receive a private workshop with channeled messages, and a long freeform reading; plus extended continuous support through two follow up workshop calls and an optional energetic transmission of light language.

 Connect w/ Guidance 

The Life Path Blend

Dive into your soul desires and reveal new ways to create fulfilling experiences. Explore your opportunities for personal growth, hone in on your career and long-term social energies and unlock your true divine will. A series of four freeform readings with particular focus on your life blueprint, parallel lives, oversoul, and present moment. Including early-on embodiment practices and continuous support. Optional, free light language activation. Intentional Astrology add-on available.

 Rediscover Your Path 

The Full Spectrum Blend


Receive an in-depth and full service information stream regarding any area of focus in your life. Blended offerings for full guidance. A Full Spectrum of Readings:
• Natal Chart Poetic Talk-Through
• Freeform Oracular/Divination Reading
• Channeled messages and/or light language transmissions, as your guides send them through…

 Reveal Your Wisdom 

The Starseed Super Blend


Get Galactic and go ExtraDimensional with a fusion of readings designed to reveal the galactic codes and stellar lineages that are closest to you now; and then offer you paths of connecting and relationship, which are most aligned with your highest good (highest love, true soul desires, deepest wishes, heart’s passions, and highest purpose and potential) in this life. You always have a choice, let’s tune you to your beautiful inner cosmos and clarify your connections to otherworldly extradimensionals, extraterrestrials, and all light beings. Inner Earth beings (ancient interdimensionals of earth) are included in our light being quest, through your inner portals… Includes two intense channeled freeform readings, plus starseed natal astrology, light language and continuous support.

 Clarify Your Galaxy 

The Birthday Super Blend

Align and divine the year ahead as you create your next solar cycle. Look deeply into the energies available, with present moment guidance and forecasting that celebrates your birthday and helps you craft the best year for you… Includes two freeform readings, two astro talks, embodiment practices, light language and continuous support.

 Birthday Gift Yourself 

Wishing Star Super Blend


Wish on, and align with, the Stars, receive guidance from your Soul, find wisdom, and nourish your wish with continuous support through active magickal embodiment and the energetic transmission of light language… Includes two short-form, on-point freeform readings that , and one astro talk.

 What’s Your Wish?