Cleansing, Charging & Connecting

During the reading, I’ll be clairaudibly + synesthetically tuned to my guides (there are currently a couple dozen), and Great Mystery of course. 

I’ll also interact with all of your guides + higher self through my tools, during your reading/our conversation. All the info I need from you to do the reading is your name.

Oftentimes, I will be able to hear + receive images clearly from your guides too – for instance if your guides are universal like angels or “ascended” people/deities or benevolent collectivized entities – or if I knew your ancestor in a life this can happen with them too. In all cases, I’ll of course share it all with you. 

I always cleanse the cards and space beforehand using Palo Santo, Selenite and Black Tourmaline. I cleanse all of my tools and crystals every month. I do additional cleansing/charging whenever appropriate.

If another crystal would like to be present (if my guides and intuition tell me to bring it in), specifically for your reading – such as blue lace agate, amethyst, labradorite, malachite, rose quartz, angelite, moldavite, purple sapphire, just to name a few – I will do so.

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My Approach to Readings

The first task in awakening to your truth is to get your bearings.  Sometimes, this means deep self-reflection and assessment. At other times, it means exploration, a search for self-matching resonance. It is through these, and similarly self-reflecting paths, that we each find our deepest and highest Self.

Going deeper and getting into what’s going on inside the expansive and multidimensional person is what Spirit Readings are all about. They will reveal more about the different aspects and energies going on in the person’s journey and context, interacting with their Spirit, than about what’s going to happen next. Your future is always changing and is usually hard to pin down exactly, especially when you decide to focus your will and change it for yourself!

Although, occasionally certain “fate-points” come up – major choices you were “destined” to be given, or have been set in motion to give yourself. I feel that if one is coming up for you soon, it will show up in those few cards. Whatever the case, you’ll be better equipped with this intricate information about yourself and your context when it does.

That’s why I find this approach so fruitful! I focus on seeing into the matter, revealing the guidance being sent through, and offering a basket-full of insight for you to guide yourself going forward.

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Divining at Home

If you’re looking for a place to start divining at home, get a pendulum. It delivers direct access to your personal un/subconscious, who is definitely communicating with your guides for that info. Plus, you’ll get that boost from the crystal, if you choose a crystal one.

I also offer Seership Skills Sessions for 1-on-1 divination skills and inner tools development.

Tea Leaves are also a solid option, because most people already have a cup – take the symbols that pop out at you and follow your gut on what they mean to you.

If you’re starting with Tarot, I recommend you get one deck that deeply resonates with you. Follow the symbolism of those cards, read its companion book when you start using the deck, and don’t worry about learning the Tarot Template system.

Don’t get a Tarot instructional book.

Any system of divination or ancient language is only as good as its symbols’ meaning to you. What resonates with you will always flow best. Every time we use a system, we empower it further.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for immediate access to readings for yourself, here are my three favorite sites for free readings using some of my favorite decks! Anubis Oracle by Scully + Star Wolf, Sacred Rebels/Isis/Kuan Yin by Fairchild, and Angels/Unicorns/Etc by Cooper. My life-long favorites mostly aren’t available online (The Mayan Oracle, and anything from Jamie Sams); but these are amazing resources and I own a deck (or more) from each of these makers.

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