Weave and strengthen your spiritual threads, as you expand your connection with the realms beyond, to ground this wisdom into your relationship with life. Work with your guides and guardians more intimately – whoever and whatever they may be, we’ll discover.

This approach provides a deeper personal connection with them, which is beneficial now, and at your choice points and moments of trust/initiation going forward. Receive a private workshop with channeled messages, and a freeform reading; plus extended continuous support through two follow up private workshops and an energetic transmission of light language. $389

The Experiences You Receive

• Live Blended Private Workshop/Channeled Reading to tune into who is here with you currently – your guides and guardians, ancestors, fae, galactic friends, angels or other-wise. We’ll spend most of our time helping you tap in further when you connect for yourself. Third, we’ll discover the constructive embodiment (magickal) daily/weekly practices that are right for your greatest development right now. (60m)

• Freeform Oracular Reading video about the area/s of guidance that have really sparked this search for guidance for you (spiritual growth is one, *and/or* work or family, etc). I will record this just before or after our call. (30m)

• 2x 60m Follow-up Calls (every few weeks or every month). The Guides and I will coach you on your relationship with guidance and honing your practices.

• Light Language Medicine Activation – knowing your energies, guidance, conditions and aspirations, I will tune to your key guides and record a light language medicine transmission that will support your connection to guidance. With personalized frequency instructions. (3-9m)

(All experiences are intended for replays, for unpacking layers as you grow). 


You will receive videos of 90-105-ish minutes (Live Blend Video Call + Freeform Video), and a 3-9m Light Language audio – schedule your time via email. Then, receive 2 follow-up workshop calls, each 60m, per our desired schedule. Audio recording included.

Infinite Alignment, Limitless Empowerment
+ All Your Favorite Blessings to You!

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