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All Alchemy Kits + Custom Teas come with self-reprogramming AIR Cards. 

Breathable thought-forms which perform inner alchemy through gusts of redirection. Designed according to ancient + innovative philosophies + practices, the front of the card aids you in reprogramming yourself via maxim verses, affirmations and/or meditations. The back provides you with the ‘why’, a few key points of logic + reason to convince your conscious mind; and short, sweet practical advice for adapting your daily/weekly life to better serve your chosen purpose, matching the theme of the kit. You can also order just the AIR Cards, personally tailored to your custom goal.

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Not sure which reading you want, which alchemy kit to choose, or even if this group of offerings is what you’re looking for? I can spare 20 minutes or so (1x per person) helping you hone in on that, whether it’s something I can offer you or not!

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Every herbal recipe I offer is organic and carefully prepared utilizing knowledge and insight from several modalities, including Modern Biology & Chemistry, Ayurveda, TCM, current Western Alchemy + Magickal Folklore from across the globe. I apply this accumulated integrative knowledge in experimentation and fine-tuning before releasing any kit or tea pack.

You can find all of these items at my Etsy shop, where shipping is FREE for every kit, tool and self-decoration piece. (Herbal Teas ordered alone have absolute minimum shipping fees, so as not to over-charge you when you order small quantities of different types of tea.)

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