Full Spectrum Blend

Receive an in-depth and full service information stream regarding any area of focus in your life. Blended offerings for full guidance.

The Experiences You Receive

A Full Spectrum of Readings:
• Natal or Focus Chart Talk-Through 
• Freeform Oracular/Divination Reading
• Channeled messages via text/Etsy/email, as your guides send them through at no extra fee…

This blended insight gets you deeper.

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The Process

First, we’ll spend 30+ minutes walking and talking through your focus chart.We’ll focus on diving deep into this area, and look at the correlating houses and planets at major transit points in your life related to this area. This is a live reading, so be ready with the top 5-10 dates relevant to your quest.

(If I haven’t done your Natal Chart yet, first we’ll spend 15-30 minutes covering the vital aspects there). 

Then, we’ll spend our time (30-45m) with the decks, runes and divination tools to focus on the most vital and meaningful messages coming through from your guides. Their messages will have direct guidance for your current contexts/cycles, and contain deeply layered meaning for you to unpack over time. Feel free to ask questions and be ready to make your will known :).

Channeling Involved

I will, of course, be channeling the planets and stars. I’m usually surrounded by “Hathors”, and communicate with a very wide range of powerful goddesses, guides, guardians, gods, Gaia, dragons, angels, fae, and more. See my work for who’s prominent now, and I can always bring Your Guides through.

My channeling of the planets tends to blend Earth cultures, and many (not all) names can be interchanged to represent the “Moon collective” or “Pluto collective” for example… 


You will receive a 60-75 minute video the day after our call – schedule your time via email. 
*Add 15-30m if I haven’t done your natal yet.

Unconditional Love, Graceful Light, Limitless Empowerment
+ All Your Favorite Blessings to You!

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