We focus on the most vital and meaningful messages coming through from your guides and the hidden aspects of your soul.

It’s freeform because we choose the tools altogether in the moment when we make your video, based on all the energies and what you’ll receive most smoothly. We just know.

We seek the deepest wisdom for your highest and most beneficial good. I add in a little tapped-in wisdom of my own, while maintaining clarity between what’s channeled, what’s inspired and what’s from me… The reading comes through me as an oracle, from your guides. I’ll be supported in the process by the goddesses, shining ones and beings who guide me, too.

Also note, I happily accept animals and plants as querents!

All readings are delivered as
Video Readings.

30m FreeForm Reading


A truly thorough exploration, worthy of replays. Includes 3 – 15+ draws, channeled messages, high wisdom and a deep dive into your soul. Delivered via video, 30 minutes long. $55

 Open Your Self Up 

60m FreeForm Reading


This length is for you if you’re looking for a spirit immersive, soul intensive journey; or you just have a bunch of questions that weave together. Delivered via video, 60 minutes long. $111

 Really Get Into It 

2-HR Live FreeForm


This length is for you if you’re seeking insight about a deep and intense event or area of your life. A major birth, death, or rebirth of something or someone, including you, your loved ones or your relationships. Perhaps a major upheaval forcing a career or location change. Anything deeply emotional and intensive for the mind.

We’ll talk, pull the cards (or runes), and make space to breathe and receive. By making this a personal, engaging experience, it’s a cross between an old friend and a really good therapist. I’ll know you surprisingly well (unless your psychologist is a practiced psychic), and you’re bound to open up and let it all come through.

After years of reading for strangers and family alike, I know we don’t need to know each other beforehand for me to support you through a major transition and revelation. Maybe this is what you’ve been looking for to shift your energy, process the process and move up and along with it.

Delivered via live call video reading – you watch the cards, We/I listen to you. $222

 Evoke Your Catharsis