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  • Sacred Path & Medicine Cards $7 (10)

    I offer five spreads at this level, which were designed for these sacred decks, from the companion books. The decks were designed to be shuffled and drawn together if one so wishes. You can let me know which of the three choices (either deck, or both), or let the guides, our relations, and the life web decide. Your video will be about 15-20m long for any spread, and include small, select passages from the stories section for each card.


    Peace Tree Spread

    This 5-card spread is geared towards understanding your ascending self and finding inner peace. The card slots called in are: Buried Talent; New Root; Lesson of your Trunk (how to walk tall); Lesson of your Branch (en-lightening your mind); and Free Flight in Father Sky (the awaiting freedom for you).

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    Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon

    This 5-card spread nourishes your internal balance of feminine and masculine energies. The slots called in are: your current male aspect lesson theme; current female aspect lesson theme; male aspect challenge; female aspect challenge; and “Gifts of Assistance from the Ancestors”.

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    Four Directions Spread

    This 4-card spread turns through the medicine wheel, revealing four aspects of your current self. The card slots called in are: East (the spiritual door you’re opening); South (theme of your inner faith and trust); West (tool of introspection to use); and North (the wisdom to be gained, the aim of your true course).

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    The Butterfly Spread

    For those personally invested in a creative work or growth cycle, this 4-card spread turns through the wheel of growth over time – the egg, larva, cocoon and butterfly stages. It reveals the essence of the idea and guidance for clarifying it (east/egg); guidance for early doing and nurturing its growth (south/larva); insight into your aims and wishes for self-reflection (west/cocoon); and guidance for walking in beauty, in tune for manifestation (north/butterfly).

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    The Moon Lodge

    Also called the Inward Tree for Centering. “There are more roots than branches”. This spread explores 5 cards to rip away the veils and look deeply into your personal unconscious: the Whirling Spirit, the New Growth, the Dream-within-the-Dream, the Hidden Inner Wisdom, and the True Self. Each teaches you about the key to unlocking and seeing clearly your spiritual nature/talents (east); possible beginnings and hidden emotions (south); your alignment with your real purpose (west); ways of knowing yourself and living this guidance (north); and “the integration point of all the directional medicines…the Within” (center).

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    Any SPC & MC Spread

    I also offer “Any SPC + MC Spread” as an option in every shop – where you let the guides choose your layout from this list.

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     SPC-MC Spread  

    The Arcana Mandala $55 (78)


    A layout of 22 or 26 cards, situating each one at its alignment within your personal internal mandala. The internal mandala changes slowly, as we integrate and grow.

    This layout uses all Major Arcana cards and the Aces of each suit (optional). It’s based on an integrative approach (informed by all Earthen cultures) of the ten directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, Subconscious + Higher Self), focusing on the integration of the archetypes closest to your central point at this time. The insight will aid you in the integration and blossoming of your personal archetypes. The ultimate tarot spread for self-knowledge.

    Be sure to check out the list of tarot decks I offer. If you feel drawn to one, let me know in Notes. Or let the guides choose for us.

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    Rune Casting $8-68  (12-96)


    Through this listing, I offer “traditional” Rune Casting. The process involves scattering the runes “randomly”; and then assessing the spatial relationships between them and in relation to the cardinal directions, as well as their individual meanings, for cosmic patterns and angular flavors. A mapped answer wherein the map is provided by the runes themselves, rather than the reader.

    You can choose between the entire Elder Futhark (scattering 24 runes and assessing them), or a set number of runes (which will be chosen inuitively from a small bowl, and then dispersed across the cloth as usual, to be assessed spatially).

    Click on the tile for the number of runes you want me to cast for you. Starting at $8 (12) for a 3-Rune Cast, and $2.8 (4) per each additional rune. If your desired number isn’t shown below, email me for a custom order.

    Game of Thrones Spreads $7 (10)

    Any deck, or runes,
    can be used with these spreads!

    I offer four spreads at this level, which were designed for the beautifully intense, shadow-work supportive Game of Thrones Tarot.

    For fellow fans in celebration, if you choose the GOT Tarot Deck with these spreads, in addition to your video reading, you’ll receive a free keepsake packet in ‘ye olde’ style-theme, adorned with any family sigils and symbols that pop up in your reading!

    Of course I’ll be working with my dragons, wolves (err.. dogs), the crows who visit, and plenty of dragonglass. However, warging will be at my own discretion…

    The Old Gods

    The 5-card spread for “when you feel the need to turn to the past to shed light on the present and future”, looks to the Old Gods, the Weirwood, the Children of the Forest, the Heart Tree and the One with the Sight. Each offers insight into the past, what strengthens you, what you need to watch over, what you can do now, and the answer/truth.

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    Tyrion’s Chalice

    This 6-card spread offers insightful reflection. It covers your indulgence, what you’ve learned so far, the flaws/weaknesses you’ve accepted, any trials by combat coming up, your debts and materials, and the future.

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    Faith of the Seven

    This 7-card spread explores, you guessed it, the archetypes of Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Crone + Stranger within you. These correlate to your decisions, work and skills, strengths, creativity and relationships, values/virtues, hopes/fears, and the unknown/future.

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    The Red Keep

    The 4-card spread that asks about the throne room (what’s powerful in your life now), the tower of the hand (what needs to get organized), the secret tunnels (what’s the hidden advantage), and the outcome.

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    Any GOT Spread

    I also offer “Any GOT Spread” as an option in every shop – where you let the guides choose your layout from this list.

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     GOT Spread