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Decks & Runes

Tarot, Modern Oracles, Animal Spirits + Everyone Else…

If you feel drawn to something/someone here, let me know in Notes which you like. I’ll otherwise let the guides choose…


Choose from this full specific list for Tarot Mandalas, or any reading:

Modern Oracles

Animal Oracles

Elemental, Goddess + Crystals

Naturally Multidimensional…

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Delivery Add-Ons

Live Call Add-On


We’ll record the video together during our call, and I’ll text or email you a quick photo immediately, so you can experience the imagery.

This add-on will also extend the length of your reading, up to twice as long, to make room for our interaction.

You can schedule here now, before you choose and order. Please make sure you order the reading as well as this add-on before our scheduled time.

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Review Session


Once you’ve received, reviewed and reflected upon your reading, you might want to talk it out, or seek the insight I wouldn’t dare give without knowing your willful response to each card, verbally.

The Review Session is available with any reading, and can be purchased after you receive your video! (Especially useful for Rune Casting, the only thing I offer without a video).

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