Below you’ll find a list of charts we find highly interesting. I’ve linked to the PDF’s, which were saved after fine-tuning the settings at astro-charts. They’re listed in chronological order.

For those following along, here’s everything I clicked on in Settings:

House System: Whole Signs (Oldest)
Show Declinations: Yes, check
Positions Calculatons (most important): Sidereal (fixed stars)
Planets + Asteroids: Yes, check all
For global understanding and collective study, I recommend you use Kampala, Central Region, Uganda for your location (at whatever time of day for the house). This is a modern portal open to exchanging energy and information – an airport – that’s on the equatorial line.

This is the chart generator I will use, and recommend. Please make sure you click the button for “Sidereal (Fixed Stars)” to see your (side)real and true sign.

Bonus Tip: For stargazing I recommend binoculars! You can get much better quality lenses/contraptions, which offer full vision, and are excellent for daily (and portable) viewing!:

Celestron 71198 Cometron 7×50
Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 (optional tripod)