Astral Journey Poems + Chart Talk-Throughs  


You will receive a poem, the tale of your life, based on an intimate exploration of your natal chart. It will describe, in revealing detail, the way these inner archetypes play out for you. You’ll learn a great deal about your natal astrology and dates of interest, beheld within an empowering narrative.

You will receive a deeply enlightening exploration into self-knowledge. You’ll come away with a sense of beauty, reflecting on your own being, and understand yourself in new light. (I recommend your heart be open, to travel bright).

All astral offerings include the main asteroids, dwarf planets and more.

Watch my video on the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which reveals the potency and precision of using Sidereal calculations within the Western Astrology systems.

Possible deliverables include a video with slow-moving images, wherein I read your poem or discuss your chart; the audio file itself; and a PDF of your charts with notes and poem.

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Light Language  

Transmission for Your Intention


Going much further than my public transmissions, these light language recordings will be ~uniquely~ tailored to you – I’ll tune into your individual energy beforehand, as we each have a different relationship with the same intention. While the transmission will “work” on others, it may not “fit” them as precisely as it does for you! You are the center of the “target”, and others are able to benefit as well, if you want to share.

Check out some transmissions and a brief intro to Light Language Linguistics on my channel.

Your private audio recording will be 3 minutes to 9 minutes long, depending on your intention and unique energies.

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Sounding Source

Freestyle Experiences


Your guides choose the form and message! You choose the topic or question (or leave that to the guides too).

Choose any experience you want to have, or a topic that even remotely relates to spirituality, soul growth, a particular path, a personal challenge, or any magickal activity you’re interested in – let me know in Notes if there’s someone specific you want me to bring through. Please feel free to share anything that relates to your deepest or strangest questions, in confidence. I want each piece to nourish you!

I’ll record a channeling – where we guide you through a meditation or journey, tell you a story, or share another piece of audio art – whatever auditory experience your *guides* choose. (I’m told my voice is very soothing.) This may include light language, energy reading, etc – it’s all up to your guides.

Written versions are also available (I’ll deliver both the recording and a transcript by request as per your preference or currently available sensory experience) – let me know in Notes if you want this too.

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Seership Skills Sessions


60m intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance and psi development sessions help you refine your oracular gifts.

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