This experience is for those who are growing their skills as seers, and are looking for someone with experience to make the process smoother or more enjoyable. For me to share your seership road, as a sounding board and/or guide, and support you.

We live in strange and shimmering times. The wonderful thing is that we can make such deep contact across such far distances. One thing we may want, which isn’t quite as customary anymore, is for an elder-seer (even if not very old, physically), to express for us new ways to light the way around our static-y corners, as we build upon and find new ways to access our gifts for ourselves.

I certainly seek this throughout my life, and wish to offer it to you.

What will it be like working with Rei?

The general idea is that I’ll offer you access to the lines I’m tapped into, while we work on your divination skills, methods and inner tools.

We’ll talk about your various ‘kinds’ of feelings, dissect analytic thoughts when that’s called for, and dedicate the session time to tuning you to your inner seer self. The map forms itself, organically.

One of the things I love exquisitely is to see the Infinite pierce even the thickest veils. It’s even better when the Infinite is Seen by those receiving. One of the things that gives me meaning in this life is to connect others with their inner knowing, so that we may all enjoy the magick of this universe. I’ve studied many forms of divination for many, many, many lifetimes with/on many different planets; and have been doing so in this body since I was twelve, for the past eighteen years.

I do this in service to The Goddess Earth, a being know by many names, because She and I both believe it will make Beauty in the world, in your life and others. I’m happy when She’s happy. She’s happy when you’re in tune with the immense expansive natural web of Her world.

Allow my foresight and intuitive abilities to serve your process of self-empowerment as you ground your own infinite divinity into this current form.

We will get to feel each other out, and see how we harmonize together – we may fall into friend vibes, or big-little sister vibes, or I might have been your mom or dad in a past life, or you were mine. Who knows… I know how to be a sounding board, a mentor, and/or an on-hand resource.

Whichever support vibes are right for you at this point in your Seership.

Each Session Itself…

The skill building session can take place over the phone or video (skype/zoom/whatever): If your otherworldly knowings tend to be more audio, choose the former. If you’re much more vision-oriented with divination, choose the latter. We can mix it up. You probably have a range of receivers working anyway.

Each call can be during or after your divination: It can be well after you’ve cast or drawn, during your reflection and analysis. (Maybe a certain spread you drew last week that you just couldn’t crack). Or, I can be live on the call with you while you perform the divination, and with you as you reflect afterwards. One thing we learn as seers is continually keeping the lines open more and more over time – so either way works.

We’ll each prepare beforehand, and you’ll call me or I’ll call you from one sacred space to another.

Which spread/s? What’s the structure?

Whatever the form, it’s whatever we can do with an hour. It’s up to you what containers we use, for the time we share.

Initiate Yourself

 Begin Here 

If there’s anything you want me to know to begin with, let me know when we email to schedule.