Spirit Readings

Readings remind us which direction is which, so we can decide which way to go more precisely. Readings also connect us with our guides, so we can develop ourselves more accurately, according to our unique soul essence.

Free First Talk

Not sure which reading you want or what you’re looking for? I can spare 20 minutes or so helping you hone in on what you need and want, whether it’s something I can offer you or not.

Schedule First Talk

#0  FreeForm Phone Reading ~ $90


During our call, you’ll have any predetermined layouts (except the Full Arcana Mandala), all add-ons and any tools I offer available to you. I can recommend a few, we can start with a short layout and add-on from there, or go right for a Meta Reading. Anything you’re called to or the guides reccomend, while we’re on the phone.

The actual reading will occur during the 90 minute call, and I’ll text or email you a quick photo immediately, of any cards or runes we pull, dice we roll or books we flip, so you can experience the imagery.

Schedule + order your FreeForm reading here.

+ I have a Referral Program: Send me three new querents, I’ll give you a free Meta Reading. Have your referallees mention you in Notes, email, wherever.

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Extra Info:

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★ Every single photo + demo is a real reading I did for myself. None were planned! ★

Any-Tool Layout Levels

#1  Quick + Deep Insight Layouts ~ $13

Choose any deck, or runes, for these layouts.

Seeing Inside


This 3-Card/Rune Reading I’ve created is for seeing into the querent. It will give you insight about yourself in general or in context of an area or situation in your life. This small seed of self-knowledge can support you as you grow into a luschious plant of self-awareness.

• Embodiment ~ You + Your Current Plane of Existence
• Day-Self ~ Your Mind + Heart / Current Consciousness
• Night-Self ~ Your Spirit + Soul / Deeper + Higher Self

Swings + Sight Pairing


This 5 Swings + 1-Draw Reading will show you the deeper theme of the questions you’re asking my Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum, by including the Guidance card. With five questions on the same topic, plenty of insight can be gleaned. You’ll come away with deeper understanding of this area or event in your life. 

#2  Guidance Readings ~ $18

Choose any deck, or runes, for these layouts. This level is offered at such a discount as a public service. Each spread is geared towards key aspects of life which can springboard you to your next level of fulfilment, abundance and inner peace.

Arrow of Insight


This 7-Card/Rune, multi-layered self, multi-dimensional clarity reading is an elaboration which I developed over the years, based on the central column of the Celtic Cross. It will offer you a deeper insight into your self in your current context of opportunity/challenge (general or situational, spiritual or seemingly mundane).

I expand the original with the current state of your subconscious and higher self, offering deep + reliable insight into you.

#3  Meta Spirit Readings ~ $42

Choose any deck, or runes, for this layout level.

I also offer “Any Meta Spread” as an option in every shop – where you let the guides choose your layout from this list!

This reading level provides a thorough look into you, your life and current cycle. I’ve chosen my favorite, most enlightening layouts from each divination tool. The spreads I’ve created or chosen offer you exactly what you need to know, and answer the questions most people still have after a traditional card reading with the classic layouts.

These first five layouts are available with any tool:

The Stellar Insight Cross + Staff


A 16-draw version of the Celtic Cross that I developed over time. It is extended by using the layouts described above and in the demo below. I have fine tuned this spread over the course of a decade, utilizing both my conscious insight gleaned through years of study and practice, as well as my higher self’s insight gleaned through  channeling divine Medicine.

The Light + Shadow Layout


A 13-draw layout shaped like an infinity symbol, or the dagaz rune, that will dissect your current balance or integration. It will show us what is open to the light of your awareness, and that which is within you in the shadow of your subconscious. Cards called include the desires, themes + powers of each side, your light’s hope, shadow’s fear, and the way you currently perceive each, with guidance for integration.

The Starfire Compass


A 13-draw layout I created that will reveal your Divine Legacy + Blueprint for This Life. We’ll learn a great deal about your current state and paths to happiness by looking at your Current Inner Hearth, Inner Alchemy, Inner Blossoming, Heart-State + Mind-State. Immeasurable insight is gleaned by including your Soul’s very own Foundation, Pursuit, Powers, Lesson of Balance + Lesson of Empowerment from its meta perspective.

Three Circles of the Four Directions


A 12-draw spread, that I developed based on the Sacred Path Cards Four Directions Spread, which in turn follows the Medicine Wheel.

As we travel in each direction, it will reveal the three layers of your being in each direction of the Sacred Medicine Wheel. The 1st Circle of Four covers the current state of things in your life/question. The 2nd Circle shows us how you view each direction, so you can better understand the difference between what you perceive and what’s going on around, about and inside of you. The 3rd Circle imparts the highest wisdom from your guides, in each direction of the Wheel. Read more about the original spread below.

The Kiva Spread


An amazing journey for those looking for a truly deep dive into their multi-dimensional self. Available with any tool.

This 10-draw spread is from the Sacred Path Cards companion book, “you are shown the Medicine that allows you to know your place in the Sacred Hoop. Your relationship to All Your Relations is made clear.” The cards called in are very exciting!:  Outer World; Entering Sacred Space; Floor Entranceway (Adjusting Your Vision); Stone Person (Mineral Relations); Standing People; Creature-beings; Sky Nation; Subterraniums (Inner Earth); Ancestors; and Kachinas (Star Nation).

For Tarot I also offer:

Mini Mandala of Court Cards


A mini version of the Arcana Mandala, which I created (“called in”), using the 16 court cards.

All cards are used, allowing us to see where each archetype lives within your internal mandala. The mandala slowly changes as we integrate and grow. It’s based on an integrative approach (informed by all Earthen cultures) of the ten directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, Subconscious + Higher Self), focusing on the integration of the archetypes closest to your central point at this time. This tarot mandala is perfect if you’re seeking self-knowledge, self-wisdom and self-development.

Tool-Specific Layouts

#4  Sacred Path Card Spreads ~ $17


I offer three spreads at this level, which were designed for this sacred deck. All three are from the companion book. Each spread offers unique insight one usually doesn’t find with other divination tools. 

The Sacred Path Cards can also be used with layout levels #1 + #2. Longer readings with spreads from this deck’s companion book are available through level #3, above.

Peace Tree Spread

This 5-card spread is geared towards understanding your ascending self and finding inner peace. The card slots called in are: Buried Talent; New Root; Lesson of your Trunk (how to walk tall); Lesson of your Branch (en-lightening your mind); and Free Flight in Father Sky (the awaiting freedom for you).

Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon

This 5-card spread nourishes your internal balance of feminine and masculine energies. The slots called in are: your current male aspect lesson theme; current female aspect lesson theme; male aspect challenge; female aspect challenge; and “Gifts of Assistance from the Ancestors”.

Four Directions Spread

This 4-card spread turns through the medicine wheel, revealing four aspects of your current self. The card slots called in are: East (the spiritual door you’re opening); South (theme of your inner faith and trust); West (tool of introspection to use); and North (the wisdom to be gained, the aim of your true course).

#5  Intense Tarot ~ $100

The Arcana Mandala


A layout of 22 or 26 cards, situating each one at its alignment within your personal internal mandala. The internal mandala changes slowly, as we integrate and grow.

This layout uses all Major Arcana cards and the Aces of each suit (optional). It’s based on an integrative approach (informed by all Earthen cultures) of the ten directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, Subconscious + Higher Self), focusing on the integration of the archetypes closest to your central point at this time. The insight will aid you in the integration and blossoming of your personal archetypes. The ultimate tarot spread for self-knowledge.

#6  Rune Casting ~ $12-96


Rune Casting is an ancient form of divination. There is some debate as to its exact origins – resembling many scripts and cave paintings – yet widespread use throughout Europe and then beyond has been recorded over millennia ~ along with its Weirdly accurate results… Through this listing, I offer “Traditional” Rune Casting. The process involves scattering the runes “randomly”; and then assessing the spatial relationships between them (*and* in relation to the cardinal directions), as well as their individual meanings, for cosmic patterns and angular flavors. A mapped answer wherein the map is provided by the runes themselves, rather than the reader.

It’s more intuitive than using layouts. While it’s sometimes harder to put into words, the information is much more complex. This is more easily transmitted when you have a focus question, though general spiritual well-being is always ask-able.

You can choose between the entire Elder Futhark (scattering 24 runes and assessing them), or a set number of runes (which will be chosen inuitively from a small bowl, and then dispersed across the cloth as usual, to be assessed spatially).


Divining Dice ~ $3


I’ll roll 3 dice, (faces vary from 3-20 per die, which I’ll choose according to the sacred numbers that appeared in your reading). An explanation of the numerology and sacred mathematics, in context and individually, will be included in your packet. 

You can add Divining Dice to any reading.

Bibliomancy ~ $3


I’ll use the book my guides/your guides/my intuition tells me is the right one, after I read your cards. The quote, and a brief explanation of how I think it relates to your reading, will be included in your packet. The list of books I usually use is at the end of this description.

You can add Bibliomancy to any reading.

Pendulum Swings Add-On~ $3


Pendulum Swing Add-Ons will relate directly to the topic in your Focus. You can specify which card slot you want me to swing it on (since my layouts don’t answer yes and no questions overall), or you can trust the guides to let me know at their discretion, where and what about.

For add-ons, I’ll let you know in your packet the exact question and/or card posed to the Pendulum, and the response. I’ll perform 3 Swings with my Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum.

You can add Pendulum Swings to any reading.

Phone Call Add-On ~ $19


You can also add a live phone call of the reading to  layout levels #1, #2, #3 or #4. I exclude #5 because of length and type.

The actual reading will occur during the call, and I’ll text or email you a quick photo immediately, so you can experience the imagery. 

The phone call will last approximately 30-60m, depending on your layout, and you’ll receive your packet the day after our call. Please make sure you order the layout as well as this add-on.

Review Session ~ $19


The Review Session is available with any layout level, and can be purchased after you receive your reading! (Especially useful for #5).

Once you’ve received, reviewed and reflected upon your reading, we can discuss any lingering questions you have, or areas where you’d like more information.

If you purchase after delivery, you can order any other add-ons, which will all be linked to your previous reading. This is an exception to the “no layout, no add-ons” rule.

Decks & Runes

If you’ve chosen layout level #1, #2, #3, or #5 let me know in Notes which deck or runes you want me to use for your reading. Or, let the guides choose!

The tools I offer with #1, #2 + #3 are:

* I use a 24-Rune Elder Futhark. The image above is just a small bowl for display purposes.

* For the layouts from the Anubis Oracle, Nicki Scully offers them herself here.

For the #3 Mini Mandala + #5 Arcana Mandala only, I also offer the Wild Wood Tarot. Your options with Tarot Mandalas are:

About Cleansing, Charging & Connecting

During the reading, I’ll be clairaudibly + synesthetically tuned to my guides (there are currently a couple dozen), and Source of course! 

Oftentimes, I will be able to hear + receive from your guides too – for instance if your guides are universal like angels or “ascended” people/deities/collectivized entities – or if I knew your ancestor in a life this can happen with them too. I usually get images as well – no guarantees as to the form or length of messages. In all cases, I’ll of course share it all with you. 

I’ll also interact with all of your guides + higher self through my tools, during your reading/our conversation. All the info I need from you to do the reading is your name.

I always cleanse the cards and space beforehand using Palo Santo and Black Tourmaline. I cleanse all of my tools and crystals every month. I do additional cleansing/charging whenever appropriate.

If another crystal would like to be present (if my guides and intuition tell me to bring it in), specifically for your reading – such as blue lace agate, amethyst, labradorite, malachite, rose quartz, angelite, moldavite, purple sapphire, just to name a few – I will do so.

My Approach to Readings

The first task in awakening to your truth is to get your bearings.  Sometimes, this means deep self-reflection and assessment. At other times, it means exploration, a search for self-matching resonance. It is through these, and similarly self-reflecting paths, that we each find our deepest and highest Self.

Going deeper and getting into what’s going on inside the expansive and multidimensional person is what Spirit Readings are all about. They will reveal more about the different aspects and energies going on in the person’s journey and context, interacting with their Spirit, than about what’s going to happen next. Your future is always changing and is usually hard to pin down exactly, especially when you decide to focus your will and change it for yourself!

Although, occasionally certain “fate-points” come up – major choices you were “destined” to be given, or have been set in motion to give yourself. I feel that if one is coming up for you soon, it will show up in that one card (Layout Sets #2 + #3, sometimes #5). Whatever the case, you’ll be better equipped with this intricate information about yourself and your context when it does.

That’s why I find this approach so fruitful! I focus on seeing into the matter, revealing the guidance being sent through, and offering a basket-full of insight for you to guide yourself going forward.

If you’re looking for a place to start divining at home, get a pendulum. It delivers direct access to your personal un/subconscious, who is definitely communicating with your guides for that info. Plus, you’ll get that boost from the crystal, if you choose a crystal one.

I also offer Seership Skills Sessions for 1-on-1 divination skills and inner tools development.

Tea Leaves are also a solid option, because most people already have a cup – take the symbols that pop out at you and follow your gut on what they mean to you.

If you’re starting with Tarot, I recommend you get one deck that deeply resonates with you. Follow the symbolism of those cards, read its companion book when you start using the deck, and don’t worry about learning the Tarot Template system.

Don’t get a Tarot instructional book.

Any system of divination or ancient language is only as good as its symbols’ meaning to you. What resonates with you will always flow best. Every time we use a system, we empower it further.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for immediate access to readings for yourself, here are my three favorite sites for free readings using some of my favorite decks! Anubis Oracle by Scully + Star Wolf, Sacred Rebels/Isis/Kuan Yin by Fairchild, and Angels/Unicorns/Etc by Cooper. My life-long favorites mostly aren’t available online (The Mayan Oracle, and anything from Jamie Sams); but these are amazing resources and I own a deck (or more) from each of these makers.

List of Bibliomancy Books

• A Dictionary of Symbols (Cirlot)
• The Witches’ Goddess (Farrar)
• Silver Wheel (Tompkins)
• Ra Sekhi (L1, Nebthet)
• Braiding Sweetgrass (Kimmerer)
• Women Who Run with the Wolves (Estés)
• Caves of Power (Ocelocoyotl)
• Star Gods of the Maya (Milbrath)
• Forbidden Archaeology (Cremo/Thompson)
• Letters on Yoga (Sri Aurobindo)
• The Yoga of Herbs (Frawley/Lad)
• The Book of Five Rings (Translated by Cleary)
• Daodejing: Thus Spoke Laozi (Translated by Charles Wu)
• Crystal Power, Crystal Healing (Gienger)
• Crystal Co-creators (Roeder)
• Green Pharmacy (Duke)* This list is long, I know, and just a sampling. Unless you’re really called to one, don’t feel like you have to pick. I’ll know – and it might not be one of these anyway.