First and foremost, the deepest truth we can be aware of is that we are each, individually, always the master of our own dreams! You might not believe it yet, but humor me, go on and say it out loud: “I am the master of my own dreams!”…

In pursuit of that empowerment, the rest of this is in the 1st person, because you don’t call yourself “you”, you call yourself “I”…

Recommended crystals: Apophyllite, or a Quartz variant, or similar (amplifiers, vibration raisers). Celestite works too.
If you want a boost for clarity, add any dark blue, indigo or violet clarity crystal, such as Azurite.

Situating the mind into that power may lead me down a path of remembering that I have this power which I’ve forgotten. Or, it can mean recognizing the highest good and deepest lesson in experiences I don’t prefer. Or, realizing the undesired experience is there entirely because I want to learn I have the power to dispell it! (And serves to teach me the how of any of these processes). Reaching deeper awareness, and regaining a sense of right direction, is a unique combination of processes and feelings that only I can really know for myself. 

This first activity will help me to reach the next level of awareness in my dreams. Remember I’m dreaming and remember more of my dreams. Be observant and experience with clarity. Be conscious of my dreams and conscious in my dreamscape.
The core points of my awareness can be one, or many. 

I may find myself feeling from my upper gut, just under my heart – knowing I trust someone or or some experience, or not.

I may be in my heart – knowing I love or am excited by something, or if something makes me feel ‘meh’.

I may feel from my lower belly – the dropping of fear or the relaxing comfort of my belly expanding and digesting that fear and transmuting it into courage.
I may be in my head, as many notions swirl and pass through my mind, knowing which is the truth and which is just filler.

These are all places my awareness can be, and all of them are valid. 
I am going to pick one of these awareness points. It can be one I am familiar with, to ground myself in this new experience, and/or one I’m intent on developing further. It may be one unnamed here. 

Having chosen, I breathe into that part of myself and feel it out for a few minutes…

Now, I recall a time, in my waking life or my dreaming, when I felt completely and utterly confident in my feeling/thinking/knowing from that awareness point. I knew what I was doing, what I was feeling and knowing, was without doubt the right thing for me. A moment when what I was feeling/knowing from this awareness point was the signifier of how I define that experience. 
I may experience this through color, sound, thought, emotion, sensation, spoken language, sensation, emotion, thought, sound or color. My awareness point may speak all of these languages. I will listen in all ways.
I recall how my entire body and self felt in that certainty – emotional, mental, etheric. I recall the thoughts and feelings that passed through me when my awareness was grounded to that point in that moment. I scan my entire being, recalling these imprints.

I invoke that feeling in this moment.
Once I have deeply situated myself into that feeling and awareness…

I now consider a moment when I knew what I was feeling in that same awareness point, at a different time when it was a recognition of what was not right for me.
I remember that feeling, how it made each part of my body and my self – emotional, mental, etheric – feel. I recall the thoughts and feelings that passed through me when my awareness was grounded to that point in that moment. 

I consider now the difference between feeling right and aligned with my experiences or choices, and the opposite feeling of knowing what was not right for me. 
I scan my entire body, my mindscape, my energy bodies, searching for those differences and remembering what they are.
Now, once I have recalled thoroughly…

I remind myself that both of these feelings are similar – in that I knew, from this same awareness point, who I really am. My own truth. 
Knowing this similarity, I again remember the difference. I reiterate to myself, through whatever language, the difference between my true yes and my true no – all my truth.

Knowing this, I now seek to remember a moment of confusion in this awareness point. A moment when I didn’t know if what I was feeling in this awareness point was right for me or not. When I didn’t know what feeling or action to choose…


I realize now that I was experiencing more than one feeling, one notion, in the same moment. My confusion came when I had to make a choice, or when there was a contradiction between my various feelings and thoughts.
I recall as many of these feelings in that moment as I can identify. I separate them and at the same time I seek to understand how they fit together. How they are not incompatible, even if in that moment I felt that a prioritization, or sequencing, had to take place.

I will now sort through the various feeling/thoughts/sensations in confusion, the different feelings, sensations and thoughts – the different parts of me within a confusing experience. Some will match my true yes, while at the same time some of those feelings/thoughts/sensations will match my true no. I am learning myself even more deeply in every instant…

Only when I feel this process is ready enough to nourish me tonight, will I continue on to the ritual. Although this process is never over, I know I have learned something about myself that I can bundle and unbundle in my soul and dreams tonight…