Here, experiences are designed to support you in generating your chosen vibe.

Experiences that will catalyze your clarity, or hold space for exciting self-discovery, or reveal new ways to tend to your wounds. As you align with your multifaceted nature, you will activate your deeper awareness. You’ll find nourishment for your daily life.

All offerings are personalized; and crafted in communion with a vast array of beings; providing what you seek at this time.

Soul growth is what you make it.

How To Grow Your Soul
(one of many ways)

Step 1
Beginning the Expansion

The most effective soul growth pursuit involves greater self-awareness. Readings remind us which direction is which, so we can decide which way to go more precisely. Readings also connect us with our true divine will, so we can develop ourselves more accurately. Readings activate soul memories, open helpful portals, extend interdimensional friendship, tap into the wisdom of our guides, and offer transformative insight for our lives.

Whether you’re a seasoned querent, reader or new to the Oracular Arts, it’s beneficial (and delightful) to get read by an “outside” consciousness. My tapped-in co-creations can serve as reflection and guidance for your projects, and your process of self-empowerment, or your deeper questions about the mystery that is your own being, and as unique experiences of wisdom.

Vibe my style of giving guidance with my monthly oracle readings channeling the planets for present-moment wisdom; and my lunar phase offerings to the moon.

If you’re inclined, begin divining at home. Here are some tips, some recommended tools, and some demonstrations. I’ll be putting out a free ebook on spreads and methods soon. I deeply encourage you to tune yourself to your guides, parallel lives and your own energy field personally, in some fashion.

I’ve studied many forms of divination for many, many, many lifetimes; and for most of this life, almost twenty years. Let our guides combine, to provide the condensed light you seek when you enter your own shadows. I offer transformative readings of many shapes and flavors.

Step Two
The Stellar Attunement

Within each of us, we carry starlight. Gaia Herself is a starbeing goddess, and the fulcrum center of our collective consciousness. Expansion of awareness inevitably leads into the cosmos on every level and through every manner – these seeds of celestial being then blossom, when we ground the astral galactic into the earth, in partnership with the inner earth.

Various tools have been called in from these realms, for tapping into these channels and improving our lives. We generally call these tools “attunements”. They range from short-but-powerful sound healing to long-term psychological development. (The root word of psyche meaning soul).

In the realm of gathering fruits from the other dimensions and stellar beings, and clarifying those connections, I offer Beyond Experiences. I’ve combined these experiences with next-level, focused freeforms, to create Intentional Blends of specific offerings in fusion.

Among these are light language medicine public transmissions and private activations. I also offer Western Twelve Sidereal Astrology talk-throughs and poems. You’ll find focused private workshops included with various packages, too.

The children of the Earth tumbled,
and climbed,
and rolled on.
Floating down the rivers, ascending steep mountains,
crossing the expanses, and going within.
They awoke to find themselves in a sandbox.

A place,
woven by points of crystal, open to new roots,
in this world born anew.
A people, who are learning to hold our own Water,
as the Standing People of the forests and deserts did for us.
Before us.
Growing towards the firey light,
and breathing in the darkness.

Just as the sandman Sounded the Great Slumber,
Earth’s children have echoed and grown.
Ready to play.
Ready to expand upward as the tree,
and outward as the stonecrop,
on everflowing,
ever-molding ground.

Step 3
Growing As A Seer
For Yourself + Others

For those on the road of seeing more clearly, the daily divinators, the aspiring oracles, born precogs, claircogs and people with foresight, I offer Seership Skills Sessions. They’re 1-on-1, highly flexible, 1-hour sessions that focus on your intuition, “extra” clarity senses, divination skills, energetic methods and inner tools.

For personal or professional development. Read more about how this works.

I happily accept all animals and long-life plants as clients! For everything I offer.

(Except Seership Skills Sessions, when I work remotely. Although, this psychic development work is possible in person with pets. And unnecessary with plants.)

All Offerings Arrive in Divine Timing

Unless we schedule a call together, your reading will arrive in Divine Timing (usually within one day to one month). When the Universe, your Guides and your Guardians feel it is the most aligned moment for us to co-create your reading, you will receive it. I guarantee it’s always worth accepting the not-knowing…

★ However, all Soul Growth Series are synchronized with the lunar and solar cycles – so leave room for spontaneity, while knowing you will receive most series videos every two weeks. Committing to the series brings these forces into a cyclical agreement.

If you have a pressing issue, email me and I’ll let you know what I’m being guided to do – divine timing may be aligned for it to happen that day – it truly varies. We’ll consult the Guides, Guardians, Goddesses, Gods, Time Dragons, Ancestors and our ExtraDimensional friends, first.

Coming Soon
In Divine Timing

A Way Through The Runes – a deep, intensive pathway through these ancient symbols, making use of new perspectives, with an emphasis on divination and artistic expression. We’ll use inner and outer exploratory techniques to craft new knowings from modern books, ancient poems, embodiment practices, and direct magickal experience.

Invoke your seat of the seer, invite your vision of the volva, and play with your gifts as an expanding-ascending mistress, matron, patron and player.